The Caterpillar Who Didn't Become a Butterfly 2018

Medium: Wool and Cotton
On Exhibition: Invisible Hands

The Caterpillar Who Didnt Become a Butterfly is a series of five small looms with partially woven carpets I wove free-hand without a pattern. I want these works to highlight the freedom I can enjoy in weaving purely as a hobby, in which the completion of the carpet is inconsequential to my livelihood. By contrast, professional carpet weavers in Iran often work tirelessly for up to 6 months to finish one carpet, to earn money to support their families.

The bright colours of the unfinished woven textiles are imbued with a sense of levity, reflecting the leisurely conditions of the labour that bore them. To me, the finished product is less important than the process of weaving, which has afforded me a greater appreciation for the professional weavers labour.