Self Portrait 2021

Medium: Acrylic and oil paint

Self Portrait, is where an abstract pink figure with purple nipples sits in front of an endless green background. A reflective pool at her feet, her legs widely spread apart, display her ionic-shaped opening, her genitalia. She consists of sharp edges. Out of proportion, her body dwarfs the small diamond-shaped head sitting atop of it, to emphasise the corporality, strength, and presence of her naked female form.

This work combines many key elements my previous paintings: abstraction, origami shapes compellingly forming a figures, vibrant complementary colours, and a message of female empowerment articulated through the autonomous naked female body resisting objectification. It is a body, strong and fragile all at once. There is tension in this painting rising from the complexities of the juxtaposing emotions I carry within myself, in particular in relation to my body and my sexuality. It expresses the misgivings I still carry around with me, but it also celebrates the acceptance and appreciation I have found through exploring my own body in painting.