#MAGA 2018

On Exhibition: Le Salon des Differents

#MAGA is an interactive casino-style slot machine game, inspired by Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign slogan, "Make America Great Again". The spinning wheels of the slot machine are activated by the player with a click of the mouse. When the wheels stop spinning on the screen, the letters must spell out M-A-G-A. Should an alternative to the letter G appear, the player is invited to find another adjective to replace G-reat. Only if M-A-G-A appears on the screen does the player win a coveted prize, a passport-photo-sized painting of Donald Trump printed on a sticker.

Turning the construction of a campaign slogan into a game comments on the randomness that characterised Trump’s 2016 Presidential campaign. And yet, the participatory aspect of #MAGA also alludes to Trump’s ability to engage with people through a rejection of intellectualism and the elite.